Author: Kelly

I spy what’s new on the playfield game

So I made a plan to put all of the parts on in a systematic and orderly fashion. I promptly disregarded said plans and just picked whatever felt “right”. The dimples are very helpful and mostly right, however, a lot

Rotisserie – Up and Spinning

I decided to build a rotisserie to facilitate working on the playfield. I took inspiration from the black pipe designs others have done. I had scrap 2×6 wood to use for the base.

Legs and Stuff

I’ve installed the legs and the rest of the easy cabinet pieces I have currently. I got the legs, coin door and a dmd from a local guy exiting the hobby. Buttons and other hardware were purchased from the usual

Decals, the endingĀ 

Finished applying all of the decals. The coin door side took the longest to line up and even then it’s not perfect. The Lightning behind the launch button is a bit off center, but the shield/start button look good. I

Decals, the beginning

I received the decals ordered from Marco. They looked good and smelled good too…to clarify they smelled the good like new paper and not the good like gasoline. Never having done this before, I started with the back box decals.

More Cabinet Work, More Fun

Over the weekend I was able to make good progress on prepping the cab for decals. I borrowed an orbital sander–I can’t imagine doing this by hand. The sander made quick work of removing any leftover glue residue and smoothing

Peeled and Goof Off-ed

I finished peeling the rest of the decals on the cab. I purchased a bottle of Goof Off to use on the adhesive left behind. I did the back box first and it seemed to take a lot of the

Decals vs Heat Gun

I picked up a $15 heat gun for removing the old decals. I wasn’t sure what to expect never having used one before. I’m happy to report that the heat gun makes the job a piece of cake. My technique

Cabinet Acquired

I had some luck in acquiring an empty cabinet. A fellow in AZ posted an empty Monster Bash cabinet on Craigslist for $150. So after a quick 20 hour round-trip drive, I’ve got the perfect base for the new Medieval

It’s Alive…

The blog that is… After a long hiatus and never updating the location info on this site. I decided to re-vamp it to be mainly be a blog for my pinball adventures and repairs. As it stands we have 6