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Novus 3 Pinball Cleaner Works on Headlights Too – Amazing Results!

This idea initially came from Life Hack. The website told me that if I wanted to clear up hazy car headlights, all I had to do was rub toothpaste on them:¬†We were enchanted. And if you haven’t heard, I have

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“Destroy the Ring” Strategy for Lord of the Rings Pinball

  You’re probably reading this because you already know that Lord of the Rings by Stern has a deep set of rules. There are 3 wizard modes: Destroy the Ring, There and Back Again, and Valinor. This blog post will

Logo Update

Polished and updated the SLC Pinball Logo. Look at the difference from left to right:

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Utah Pinball Machines Most Wanted List

If you could play any pinball machine right now, what would it be? This is a hypothetical wish list of machines to find on location in Utah. For sake of convention this will also be a top ten list that

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Youtube Pinball

In case you haven’t checked youtube has a plethora of pinball videos. It’s only logical to start posting some of the coolest ones here. So here’s the kickoff…. Medieval Madness the movie. Not my video but still pretty entertaining. Anyone