Decals, the beginning

I received the decals ordered from Marco. They looked good and smelled good too…to clarify they smelled the good like new paper and not the good like gasoline.

Never having done this before, I started with the back box decals. They’re smaller and require less precision than the front coin door decal. I used the dry method–straight decal to wood. The essential tools were a fresh razor, flexible plastic tool for pushing out air bubbles, long metal straight edge, and some heavy weights. 

Here’s an outline of my approach:

Step 1. Line up the decal and place a heavy weight on one half.

Step 2. Peel off the backing and have an assistant hold the decal taut. Cut the backing paper and remove  up to where the weight is holding down the decal.

Step 3. Use a flexible plastic to gradually push down the decal as flat as possible. Push out any bubbles.

Step 4. Remove the weight. Hold the corners taut. Remove backing. Use flexi-plastic to push down decal gradually from the middle outward.

Step 5. Hold the metal straight edge about 1-2 mm in from the cab edge. Cut away excess decal along straight edge.

I’m happy with the results so far. The best advice is to have two people. It would be much harder solo. Thanks wife for the help!

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