It’s Alive…

The blog that is… After a long hiatus and never updating the location info on this site. I decided to re-vamp it to be mainly be a blog for my pinball adventures and repairs. As it stands we have 6 games in the home collection: LotR, AFM, TZ, WH2O, T2, and JY.

There’s another game in the works, but instead of buying it out right for some reason I decided to have it mailed to my house piece by piece. Quickly, I’m realizing it’s going to be more work and expense than I originally assumed.  Here’s a hint: (an obvious one)


So anyways, bare with me as this evolves. For now, I’ve kept the old posts active, reading just a few I’ve noticed how different my perspective is on this hobby. I’ll probably start deleting the old posts and pages very soon, especially the lame ones. Bye for now.


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