More Cabinet Work, More Fun

Over the weekend I was able to make good progress on prepping the cab for decals. I borrowed an orbital sander–I can’t imagine doing this by hand.


The sander made quick work of removing any leftover glue residue and smoothing out the surface. I used a 220 grit sandpaper.


I also picked up a rattle can of Satin black Rustoleum paint. I decided to follow a YouTube tutorial on can prep and decal work link. So I painted the cab edges for where the decals will be cut away slightly. The idea is that it will make those corners look good where the decal doesn’t cover in the end.


I also took the opportunity to paint other parts, like the back of the lower cab, the top and back of the head, and the inside left and right that had been scratched up from raising and lowering the playfield. In all I used 1.5 cans of the stuff. I also used the sander to clean up the inside bottom and underside. Why wipe away the dirt when you can just sand it away?


The cab is ready to leave the garage and go to the basement, except I noticed the front left side wood joint is coming apart. I’ll glue and use the ratchet straps before calling it done.


I have to say that I’m feeling pretty satisfied, I didn’t screw up anything. Well screw up beyond my ability to fix it. I did some things out of impatience that resulted in repeating them, but whatever it still feels like a win.

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