Utah Pinball Machines Most Wanted List

If you could play any pinball machine right now, what would it be? This is a hypothetical wish list of machines to find on location in Utah. For sake of convention this will also be a top ten list that counts down.

10. Medieval Madness – Probably the most obvious choice on this list. I’ve only played it a handful of times, but I can see what the hype’s about.

9. Transformers – Brand new machine from Stern. Stern just expanded their employee talent, it’ll be interesting to see how the games are affected.

8. Big Bang Bar – Yeah right! A collectible game like this will never be available  for the general public, but this is a “wish” list after all.

7. Star Wars by Data East – Who doesn’t love Star Wars. There is one in Utah but it’s not worth playing in the condition it’s in.

6. Tales of Arabian Nights – Another game that is not based on a licensed theme like a movie. Pins like these usually don’t disappoint.

5. Circus Voltaire – Haven’t played. There is buzz on the internet about this game. Intriguing game in the least.

4. Earth Shaker – Old school, it’s distant cousin Whirlwind is fun, this game looks similar and fun.

3. Safe Cracker – If high scores weren’t enough. This game supposedly dispenses a souvenir coin.

2. Cactus Canyon – Pretty much on the same level as Medieval Madness, but supposedly people who run arcades still like to have them available, so not unrealistic to hope for.

1. Your number one most wanted pinball machine…

Leave a comment for your number 1 wish-list game. Who knows you might just find that machine by posting the request and getting a reply.

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7 comments on “Utah Pinball Machines Most Wanted List
  1. natalie says:

    I’m with you on most of these. Gimme that Medieval Madness! I know there’s one in Utah…but I’m just not sure where. When I find out, I’ll let you know…

  2. Blake Stewart says:

    Well I’d disagree on a couple but of course it is a wish list and about the data east star wars I assume you’re talking about the one at nickelcade….. I’ve offeredso many times to fix there machines for free and they won’t go for it such a wasted pinball machine… And there was actually 2 medieval madness in the salt lake valley till about 6 months ago someone bought it fromthe owners. The second still sits in the ex wives place a bar on 7th east and 5th south. Oh and I hold the grand champion score so feel free to knock me off 🙂 I know quite a few small time places with machines if you’re interested to go check them out let me know.

    Oh duh and my number one has to be Voltaire…. Still haven’t got my chance to play.

    • slcpinball says:

      Yeah, “Wish list” of the moment is probably more accurate.

      There is a Voltaire at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas, but it’s been dark every time I’ve been. (4 Different trips over the past 2 years)

      • Xon890 says:

        Not surprising that you found the game out of order.
        I’ve heard that it is one of the more bugger games to keep running.
        as to why, not sure, might be something to do with that neon light tube running down the side of the machine and the power it takes to run.
        If you ever do find one to play, you should enjoy it.
        Lots of shots, nothing really repetitive.
        This game is one I would love to have.
        in my top 10 list with Medieval madness and Attack from Mars (not the pinball 2000 machine, even tho that’s a fun one too)

  3. collin carnahan says:

    i’m looking for a pinbot or bride of pinbot machine, just wondering if there are any in the area.

    • Kelly T says:

      There aren’t any on location that I know of as of right now. If you’re ever in Vegas, you can play both at the Pinball Hall of Fame.

  4. Essjay says:

    Medieval Madness is at The Tap Room on Highland dr in Sugarhouse. Pretty decent shape too.

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